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HMP Series - How to find the firmware versions of the device and the interface card


I own a R&S HMP series power supply. Can you please let me know how I can read out the firmware versions - specially for the interface card?


In fact the HMP series have two different firmware versions for the main unit and the interface card.
The FW version for the main unit can be found in the following menu:
[Menu] - (Information) Scroll down and choose with the rotating knob

The FW versions of the interface card are displayed in the following menus:

- HO732 / HO730:
Please first change the Interface Settings to USB (LAN will not work) and then enter [Menu]-(Interface)-(Information)
The SW and HW version will be displayed.

- HO720/HO740
Enter [Menu]-(Interface)-(Information). The SW and HW version will be displayed.