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Resource conflict when using RFxCOM and RFxOUT of CMW500/2xx RF-frontend in parallel


In a test setup the signal of a Signaling-Unit and an additional ARB wave form form the GPRF generator have to be used at the same time.

The CMW500/2xx shows a resource conflict in this situation when using in parallel the RFxCOM port and the RFxOUT port of the same RF-frontend.



This is related to how the RF-frontend units of a CMW500/2xx are build. It is not posible to use both RF-COM port and the RF-OUT at the same time.

With the Basic Frontend you can only swithch between the RF-COM and RF-OUT:


Also if you have a Frontend Advanced in your CMW you can only combine two output TX signals but you never can use RF1 COM, RF2 COM and RF1 COM together:

So in the example below the RF3OUT of the second RF-Frontend has to be use instead fo RF1OUT, to prevent a resource conflict failure: