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When do I need a Pulse Limiter?


When do I need a pulse limiter?


The input attenuator, preamplifier, preselection filter or input mixer can be

destroyed if you perform measurements on devices with very high pulse

spectral density/pulse energy.

For higher voltages as occur e.g. in the case of measurements with absorbing clamps or

LISNs, we recommend using the external Pulse Limiter ESH3-Z2 with every

test receiver. This 10 dB attenuator pad is designed for pulse voltages up to

1500 V and pulse energies up to 100 mWs, thus protecting the receiver

input from destruction.

The EMI Test Receiver ESIB 7 (input #2) is already protected against a maximum pulse

voltage of 1500 V (10 us) or an equivalent pulse energy of 30 mWs (10 us) . However, for

unknown devices under test, the ESH3-Z2 pulse limiter should be used anyway.

Note: The Two-Line V-Network ENV216 has a built-in pulse limiter.

The Pulse Limiter ESH3-Z2 is therefore not needed for the ENV216.