Characterizing satellite receivers made easy with next generation VNAs

Presented by Albert Gleißner and Dr. Yvonne Weitsch


Satellite communication plays a key role in our modern linked world. The number of satellites and the required infra-structure is still growing, and correspondingly modules of the entire data transmission chain are further developed for optimized data transmission and highest data rates. The modules in question in this webinar are the satellite receivers (or receivers in general), were the combination of high-gain, frequency conversion with a non-accessible internal LO, and the numbers of test parameters make the characterization really challenging. This webinar describes features of the Rohde & Schwarz high-end Vector Network Analyzer ZNA, supporting a comprehensive and reliable characterization of such devices.

Attendees of the webinar will learn about:

  • Optimization aspects of transmission chains in modern satellite designs
  • How measure and evaluate the performance of high-gain satellite receivers