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Mobile security device – BSI approved solution

Approved for classification levels RESTREINT UE/EU RESTRICTED to NATO-Restricted

Highest data security with mobile security software on smartphones

Smartphones and tablets have become indispensable in private and professional life. Without the use of a mobile security device, smartphones and tablets are always a considerable security risk. Sensitive data on the smartphone can be hacked. The security mechanisms of the devices do not offer sufficient protection, especially when it comes to sensitive data with a corresponding secrecy level such as VS-NfD (classified information - for official use only). Therefore, a mobile security device is needed.

Smartphones and tablets are often lost or stolen, allowing outsiders to gain access to sensitive business data. Without a mobile security device, however, the main risk in this context is the introduction of malware, even within applications. Attackers use manipulated apps to gain access to data from any application on the mobile device. This can be business contacts, messages, voice communication, e-mails, clouds or stolen credit card data from financial transactions via online banking.

Your requirements for a mobile security device

Adequate security measures are essential for the safe, productive use of mobile devices with mobile security software in companies and public authorities. R&S®Trusted Mobile from Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity provides a hardened Android platform for smartphones and tablets. This creates the conditions for using mobile devices securely. This is especially true for companies and public authorities with high security requirements. The R&S®Trusted Mobile as a top mobile security device gains additional security by strictly separating an open and a classified area. The approval of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) makes R&S®Trusted Mobile the perfect solution for authorities and companies that need a secure and practical solution for processing strictly confidential data.

Advantages of our mobile security device

  • Unbeatable mobile security software for mobile devices thanks to hardened security core.
  • Separation into a private and a business/classified area on mobile devices.
  • Secure access to applications from classified areas: Via VPN tunnels users can access and exchange data on organizational resources such as e-mail, contacts, calendar and intranet.
  • Access to external websites is done with our mobile security devices in the classified area via the organizational firewall, which filters out dangerous content
  • Data that is exchanged between the smartphone and the organization network is protected against unauthorized access by secure encryption.
  • Flexibility of the mobile device is maintained: In the open area, users can install any apps they want, while the secure area remains untouched, thus preventing any impact on the security of the organization's network.
  • Crypto-agile mobile security software and use the latest encryption algorithms.
R&S®Trusted Mobile

R&S®Trusted Mobile

  • Effective protection of smartphones and tablets
  • Separation into isolated compartments (open and restricted)
  • Secure access to business resources
  • Custom mobile operating system based on Android
  • Centrally managed by EMM/MDM system

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