R&S®Cloud4Testing: Transient analysis application package

Cloud-based testing solution for radar applications and analysis of hopping and chirp signals

R&S®Cloud4Testing: Transient analysis application package
  • Ideal for radar system manufacturers and developers who need to characterize frequency agile signals
  • Includes analysis of hopping sequences
  • Make use of our flexible subscription models

Transient analysis challenges call for lean solutions

Cloud-based software for characterization of frequency-agile signals, quick and easy

The R&S®Cloud4Testing provides quick and easy access to Rohde & Schwarz transient analysis testing essentials without having to make a big investment. Simply measure, analyze and process your individual RF data, on demand and on the go.

This transient analysis application package for the R&S®Cloud4Testing provides you with the access to the R&S®VSE-K60 transient analysis option, ideal for radar system manufacturers and developers who need to characterize frequency-agile signals, including analysis of hopping sequences (R&S®VSE-K60H) and chirps or FMCW signals (R&S®VSE-K60C).

The R&S®VSE-K60C option that displays the frequency response and calculates the deviation from the ideal linear phase, even for the non-pulsed FMCW radar signals commonly used in automotive radars.

The R&S®VSE-K60H automatically analyzes the hopping sequence of fast frequency hopping pulsed signals used in automotive and aerospace and defense applications.

R&S®Cloud4Testing: Transient analysis application package

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Transient analysis – in the cloud

All you need to know about this subscription package

Measurement parameters:

  • Frequency hopping signals: dwell time, settling time, switching time, frequency deviation, power, phase deviation, power ripple
  • Chirp signals: frequency deviation, chirp begin, chirp length, chirp rate, chirp state deviation, phase deviation, power, power ripple
  • Spectrogram and section of spectrogram, tabular display, frequency, frequency error, phase and amplitude versus time, FFT spectrum
  • Pan and zoom functions to select analysis region using touch gestures in spectrogram, spectrum and time domain trace displays
  • Trends and histograms for all parameters
  • Hop/chirp statistics: standard deviation, average, maximum, minimum
  • User-defined measurement parameters

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