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  • Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology and Measurements

    Near Field Communication (NFC) is a new short-range, standards-based wireless connectivity technology, that uses magnetic field induction to enable communication between electronic devices in close proximity. Based on RFID technology, NFC provides a medium for the identification protocols that validate secure data transfer. NFC enables users to perform intuitive, safe, contactless transactions, access digital content and connect elec­tronic devices simply by touching or bringing devices into close proximity. This White Paper gives an overview of NFC uses, NFC technology and signals and RF measurements on NFC units. NFC analog measurements with R&S test instruments are described in detail in R&S application Note 1MA190 'Basic Tests of NFC Enabled Devices Using R&S Test Equipment'

  • Generation and Analysis of RFID Signals According to ISO 15693

    This application note describes how to generate test signals for 13.56 MHz RFID modules according to ISO 15693 with R&S Signal Generators and analyze them with R&S Signal Analyzers using software R&S WinIQSIM™.

  • Importing Data in ARB, Custom Digital Modulation and RF List Mode

    The foregoing application note is intended for everyone who desires to become more familiar with the use and upload of custom data in ARB, digital modulation and RF list mode. Particularly, this note describes the instruments R&S® SMW200A, R&S® SGT100A, R&S® SMBV100A, R&S® SMU200A, R&S® SMJ100A and R&S® SMATE200A and provides an overview of already available solutions as well as it gives hints for the writing of own applications. Please also see the application note 1GP88 for the ARB Toolbox software and the application note 1GP96 for the CDM-Toolbox software.

  • Measuring Electro Magnetic Disturbance During ISO/IEC 14443 Chipcard Data Transmission

    The Electromagnetic Disturbance (EMD) emitted by Proximity-Integrated-Circuit-Cards (PICC) is a unwanted form of load modulation. This Application Note describes a method for measuring EMD during data transmission using vector signal analysis

  • RSCommander

    Versatile Software Tool for Rohde & Schwarz InstrumentsRSCommander is a versatile software tool for a wide range of Rohde & Schwarz spectrum-, network analyzers, signal generators and oscilloscopes. It allows for automatic instrument discovery, making screenshots, reading traces, file transfer and simple script creation.

  • Converting Existing Waveform Files from R&S®AMIQ or Binary into R&S®SMU200A or R&S®AFQ100A Format

    This application note describes how to use the Rohde & Schwarz software tool ‘RsBatchConvert.exe’ for the conversion of binary data or WinIQSIM generated AMIQ waveforms into the new waveform format. The tool not only rescales I/Q data contained in the file but also changes the K-option requirement from WinIQSIM Kxx to the new WinIQSIM2 K2xx options. Thus, new instruments with installed K2xx options may be used to continue using existing waveform files.

  • Measurements on RFID Components According to ISO/IEC 14443 Standard

    This Application Note describes measurements on RFID readers and chipcards according to ISO/IEC 14443 and similar standards, using a signal generator and a spectrum analyzer. Using a modern spectrum analyzer like the R&S®FSL not only increases accuracy and measurement speed, but also simplifies operation. Interoperability tests, in particular, are simplified by generating reader test signals with a signal generator. With software option R&S®SMx/AMU/AFQ-K6 chipcards can be tested without a reader

  • R&S®CSNFC-B8 NFC Forum Reference Equipment

    English (PD 3606.7818.22)

  • Basic Tests on NFC Enabled Devices using Rohde & Schwarz Test Equipment

    This Application Note describes how to perform basic NFC analog tests on NFC-enabled devices and NFC tags. The tests are carried out with Rohde & Schwarz test instruments and Rohde & Schwarz NFC Measurement Software, using the NFC Forum Reference devices available from Rohde & Schwarz.In order to perform the tests described in the application note 1MA190 please use the beta SW Version FS-K112_1.2_Beta16.

  • dB Calculator

    30 dBm + 30 dBm = 60 dBm? It is well known that it is not as easy as that.This application note supplies a free of charge software tool that can be used to add or subtract an arbitrary number of powers. In addition, the software can be used to convert power and voltage units from the linear to the logarithmic scale (and vice versa), convert linear power and voltage ratios to decibels, and convert a VSWR to other reflection quantities.

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