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  • DVB-C2 Technology

    Large transmission capacities are required for high-definition TV (HDTV) and video on demand (VOD) as well as for TV cable networks. However, the DVB-C standard, which has been in use since 1994, sets limits here. The objective of DVB-C2 is to increase transmission capacity by more than 30 % while maintaining the same channel bandwidth.In addition to the single-carrier modes, orthogonal frequency division

  • Technology Products

    Flexible, accurate and fast: Rohde & Schwarz ProductsR&S®BTC Broadcast Test CenterR&S®CLGD DOCSIS cable load generator

  • GSM-R Technology

    GSM-R is based on the cellular GSM technology, with further enhancements specific to the requirements of railroad operation, such as train control.In general, GSM-R uses characteristics that are identical or similar to those of the GSM system, such as frequency spacing (200 kHz), modulation (Gaussian minimum shift keying, GMSK) and access type (TDMA, TDD/FDD). The frequencies of GSM-R are extended

  • TD-SCDMA Technology

    TD-SCDMA TechnologyTD-SCDMA (time division - synchronous code division multiple access) is a cellular technology based on the combination of a TDMA (time division multiple access) component and a CDMA (code division multiple access) component. Additionally, unique synchronization mechanisms are foreseen for optimizing the time division duplex (TDD) mode of operation. The uplink and downlink are separated

  • Galileo Technology

    Satellite Navigation SystemGalileo TechnologyGalileo is a global navigation satellite system, created by the European Union (EU) and European Space Agency (ESA). Galileo is an alternative and complementary system to the US Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Russian GLONASS. On November 30, 2007, the 27 EU transportation ministers involved reached an agreement that Galileo should be operational

  • ISDB-T Technology

    The Japanese answer to digital terrestrial TV is "terrestrial integrated services cigital broadcasting" (ISDB-T). The standard of the same name was adopted in 1999. ISDB-T uses coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (COFDM) in the 2k, 4k and 8k modes. The RF signal in the 6 MHz bandwidth channel is divided into 13 segments. Owing to this segment concept, wideband and narrowband transmission

  • ISDB-T Products

    Flexible, accurate and fast: Rohde & Schwarz ProductsExpand allCollapse all Broadcasting and Multimedia T&MR&S®DVSG Digital Video Signal GeneratorR&S®BTC Broadcast Test CenterR&S®SFE Broadcast testerR&S®SFE100 test transmitterR&S®SFC Compact modulatorR&S®SFC-U USB Compact modulatorR&S®CLG Cable Load GeneratorR&S®ETL TV analyzerR&S®BCDRIVE Broadcast Drive Test Software Signal & Spectrum AnalyzersR&S

  • ISDB-TB Technology

    ISDB-TB is the Brazilian transmission standard for digital terrestrial broadcasting. The Japanese digital ISDB-T TV standard was modified and approved as ISDB-TB (integrated services digital broadcasting terrestrial Brazil). At the transmitter level, the changes made to the Japanese digital TV standard mostly relate to the transmission templates and broadcasting channels, and are customized for Brazil.Unlike

  • ISDB-TB Products

    Flexible, accurate and fast: Rohde & Schwarz ProductsExpand allCollapse all Mobile Network TestingR&S®BCDRIVE Broadcast Drive Test Software Broadcasting and Multimedia T&MR&S®BTC Broadcast Test CenterR&S®DVSG Digital Video Signal GeneratorR&S®SFE Broadcast testerR&S®SFE100 test transmitterR&S®SFC Compact modulatorR&S®SFC-U USB Compact modulatorR&S®ETL TV analyzerR&S®BCDRIVE Broadcast Drive Test SoftwareR

  • ISDB-TSB Technology

    ISDB-Tsb is the terrestrial digital sound broadcasting specification. The technical specification is very similar to the ISDB-T specification, with the exception that ISDB-Tsb uses a form of narrowband transmission with one and three segments.ISDB-Tsb − Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting TErrestrial Sound Broadcasting − is based on the digital ISDB-T TV standard utilized in Japan, and it therefore

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