Seamless integration of legacy applications

CERTIUM® GATEWAYS provides seamless integration of legacy applications into IP infrastructures, which enables phased migration scenarios. Support of all common interface types from analog to TDM allows radios, VCSs and telephony systems to be connected to IP infrastructures. Gateways can be used as standalone solutions or in combination with CERTIUM® VCS and CERTIUM® RADIOS.

The gateways can be used as an interface between any legacy analog/TDM to VoIP ED-137 compatible system. When connecting two legacy systems via an IP network, two gateways may be used to provide an analog or TDM link.

When combined with CERTIUM® MANAGEMENT, the gateways can be centrally managed, providing much faster deployment and easier operation.

CERTIUM® Gateways products

R&S®GW5410 Radio Gateways

The R&S®GW5410 Radio Gateway connects legacy analog and TDM radios to an IP VCS, in particular CERTIUM® VCS. The gateway converts from an E&M or E1 interface to VoIP (EUROCAE ED-137 Volume 1) with SIP, R2S and RTP protocols. Various configurations are available with multiple interfaces.

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R&S®GW5420 Telephony Gateways

The R&S®GW5420 Telephony Gateway connects legacy analog/digital subscriber lines to any ED-137 compatible VCS. The gateway supports various configurations with multiple interface card types ranging from analog FXO and FXS to ISDN BRI interfaces.

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R&S®GW5430 Telephony Gateways

The R&S®GW5430 Telephony Gateway connects legacy digital trunk lines to any ED-137 compatible VCSs, in particular CERTIUM® VCS-4G. The gateway supports various configurations with multiple ISDN PRI/E1 interface cards.

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R&S®GW5450 VCS Gateways

The R&S®GW5450 VCS Gateway connects analog and digital VCSs with any ED-137 compatible VCSs. The gateway provides conventional VCSs with a EUROCAE ED-137 compliant VoIP interface.

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R&S®GW5440 Universal Media Gateway

The R&S®GW5440 Universal Media Gateway is a flexible system of media and server cards used as a radio, VCS and telephony gateway with E&M interfaces as well as analog and digital telephone lines via various interfaces. The server cards may be configured as VCS server components. Four fully redundant Ethernet interfaces that use SIP, R2S and RTP protocols and comply with the EUROCAE ED137 standard enable communications with other components. Each interface card in the gateway runs its own intelligent software application for call signaling and media handling, and these cards are completely independent of each other.

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Further CERTIUM® portfolio


The quad-redundant, IP based voice communications system CERTIUM®VCS-4G integrates perfectly with the entire portfolio to ensure safe, secure and efficient operation.

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Reliable software defined radios for air traffic control, including the brand-new R&S®Series5200 featuring an innovative security-by-design architecture.

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Increases situational awareness by highlighting the communicating aircraft on the radar screen based on state-of-the art direction finder and geo-referencing technology.

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Ensure regulatory compliance with market-leading test and measurement solutions for VoIP networks, radios, navigation, radar and satellites.

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Delay-free network encryption, ATC session border controller and high availability network components ensure the reliability and security of ATC networks.

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Easy-to-use centralized management of VCS and radios provides real-time view of system and enables smooth network operation.

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70 service centers worldwide provide customers with support close by, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring smooth operations for many years.

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