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  • R&S®NRP6A Average Power Sensor

    This is where the NRP6A average power sensors are the perfect fit. They cover measurement ranges that are used in radio telecommunications as well as the important lower frequency bands down to Brief descriptionIn EMC applications, usually only the average power is of interest. This is where theR&S®NRP6A average power sensors are the perfect fit.

  • Software for R&S®NRP6A Average Power Sensor

    Title Size Version Date R&S®NRPV Virtual Power Meter 3.2 Release Notes 458 kB3.2 04.10.2017 R&S®Power Viewer for macOS 23 MB02/2020 17.02.2020 R&S® NrpTerm2 for macOS - Open Source Acknowledgment 217 kB01 17.02.2020 R&S® PureFW for macOS - Release Notes 150 kB02/2020 17.02.2020 R&S®Power Viewer - Open Source Acknowledgement 214 kB04 09.07.2018 R&S®NRP-Toolkit for macOS 165 kB02/2020 17.02.2020 R&S®

  • Firmware for R&S®NRP6A Average Power Sensor

    Title Versions Last Modified File Size R&S®NRPxxA(N) Firmware 02.10.20051902 09.06.202033 MB R&S®NRPxxA(N) Firmware Release Notes 02.10.20051902 09.06.2020 752 kB R&S®NRP Series Power Sensors - Open Source Acknowledgment 11.0026.02.2020611 kB R&S®NRPxxA(N) Firmware Release Notes 02.10.2005190209.06.2020752 kB R&S®NRPxA(N) Average Power Sensors Release Notes Firmware Version 02.10.20051902 © 2020

  • Drivers for R&S®NRP6A Average Power Sensor

    now has no arguments and performs complete range zeroing * Class implementation of measurement range modified * Zeroing is OPC synchronized 1.3.2 02/2017 * Class implementation modified to support various configurations of base unit and sensors 1.3.1 02/2017 * Modified IviPwrMeterMeasurement.ReadChannel - now does not configure channel, only selects current channel 1.3.0 11/2016 * Added support for NRP6A

  • Power Meter & Voltmeter - Test & Measurement

    Power meters, directional power meters, voltmeters, and power sensors from Rohde & Schwarz deliver extremely high versatility and stand for highest accuracy.

  • Fully tuned for microwave and millimeterwave testing - Brochure

    Starting with the early microwave applications for radar, the advantage of increased bandwidth has been a deciding factor in shifting toward microwave and millimeterwave (mmWave) for communications technologies. It began with satellite transmissions and then came down to earth with cable television and wireless local area networks such as Wi-Fi followed by new applications in the automotive and aerospace fields. The high bandwidth and high capacity demand of 5G – the next generation of mobile networks – also promote the trend toward ever higher frequencies in electronics.

  • Test of Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcast Receivers according to ETSI EN 303 340

    Starting from June 2017, almost all radio transmitters and receivers sold or put into operation in the European Union have to be tested for immunity against interferers in adjacent frequency bands. ETSI standard EN 303 340 defines the tests to be performed on digital television receivers and requirements to be passed.This application note describes the test procedures and provides save-recall files and interferer signals for the Broadcast Test Center R&S®BTC.

  • Power Sensors

    The sensors by Rohde & Schwarz are intelligent standalone instruments that communicate with the base unit or a PC via a digital interface.

  • R&S®NRP / R&S®NRQ USB and LAN Power Sensors Instrument Security Procedures

    Provides information on security issues when working with the power sensors in secure areas.

    This download is available in the following languages:

  • R&S®NRP Series Power Sensors Getting Started

    Provides the information required to prepare the instrument for use and start working. Basic operations and handling are described.

    This download is available in the following languages:

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