R&S EMI Pre-Compliance Set Promotion

Conducted Emissions Testing and Debugging Packages

Save 20% on all sets

Managed cost through early testing

Pre-compliance and debugging tests, when started early, can greatly reduce the cost of EMI management. To support your EMI testing journey, Rohde & Schwarz has come up with 3 setups for your respective needs.

  • Entry Level Set
    Affordable with the usage of R&S®FPC1000/1500. Following compliance measurement methodology and has report generation capability.
  • Essential Set
    Simplified one-box setup with faster measurements. With R&S®FPL1003, accuracy for EMI debugging and validation is enhanced.
  • Essential Plus Set
    Essential Set with the report generation capability. Full EMI Scan methodology.

Watch the video to learn the steps on using these instruments to measure the Pre-Compliance test cases and to find out about the differences of these packages. Please click “Request for Contact” if you need further information.


EMI Entry Level

This video introduces the Entry Level set and shows the step-by-step Conducted Emissions measurements using FPC1000, LISN and EMI Software


EMI Essential / Essential Plus

This video compares the differences of these packages and shows the step-by-step Conducted Emissions measurements using FPL1000, LISN and/or EMI Software

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