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EMC32, display preview results of all LISN phases


I am using EMC32 with a 4 Line LISN. If I run a Test using an EMI Auto Test template, the results of the selected LISN lines are maximized, only the maximum level and the corresponding LISN setup of each frequency is stored in the Result Table. I want to create a Test that measures, stores and displays all phases of a 4 Line LISN. How can I do it? Do I have to use Test Sequencer Option EMC32-K11?


The Test Sequencer option EMC32-K11 provides a function to run several Tests in a sequence. Each Test will be stored as a single Test in the EMC32 Tests folder. Test Sequencer can also be used for EMI Scan, but changing of the LISN setup is not part of the EMI Scan Template. It is part of the Test using the LISN Control Window.

You can do the Test using EMI Auto Test EMC32-K10. Even if you don't want to have any Final measurements, you can use the EMI Auto Test simply by disable all steps after the preview measurement from the Testing Process Window.


To get the required data you have to activate "Keep Result Table Copy per Line" in the EMI Auto Test Template. This is the way you have to force it.


Once the Test has been completed, you can create a new Graphic for each of the preview measurements with a right click. The Result Table will be displayed as a Trace.


Alternatively, you can drag & drop several Result Tables into one Graphic until all relevant Result Tables are visible as Traces.

Alternatively, you can add results from this Test to a Graphic with a right-click into Graphic Windows.