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Which Filter Types can be Selected and how can I see the Filter Curve of the used Filter?


In the BW menu, you can find a FILTER TYPE softkey. The FILTER TYPE softkey opens the selection list for different filter types. The filter types are NORMAL, FFT, CHANNEL and RRC:

For NORMAL, the resolution bandwidths are implemented by Gaussian filters (3 dB bandwidth) and correspond approximately to the noise bandwidth. For bandwidths up to 100 kHz, digital bandpass filters are used.

For FFT, the filtered IF signal is digitized and then transformed into the spectral domain via FFT.

The CHANNEL filter type provides access to a list of steep-edged channel filters. The RRC filters are also listed and have a root-raised cosine characteristic.

In order to see the used filter curve, you only need an adequate continuous wave signal generator. If you measure the CW signal of the generator with a resolution filter of sufficient width, the filter curve will be displayed on your analyzer.