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Firmware update via NRP


The firmware update via NRP does not work. What am I doing wrong?


A firmware update via the base unit is not possible.

Use an R&S NRP-Z3 or R&S NRP-Z4 cable to connect the sensor to a PC and then execute the firmware update:

Hardware and software requirements

The system requirements for a firmware update are the same as for the operation of the power sensor on a PC (an update via the power meter is not possible):

  • PC with free USB port.
  • USB interface adapter: R&S NRP-Z3 or R&S NRP-Z4.
  • Operating system: Windows™ 98, Windows™ ME, Windows™ 2000, or Windows™ XP.
  • The R&S NRP toolkit software must be installed on your PC.
  • One of the following files must be selected (depending on the software component to be updated):
    • <Type>_Sensor<Version Number>.nrp Application
    • Bootloader_<Version Number>.nrp, Boot loader
      The files are available in the \software\firmware\sensors directory on the CD-ROM.

Firmware update procedure

  • Install the R&S NRP toolkit software onto the PC prior to using the sensor.
  • Connect the R&S NRP power sensor to the PC using either the R&S NRP-Z3 or R&S NRP-Z4 cable.
  • Unplug any other R&S NRP power sensor or R&S NRP base unit from the PC.

When you connect the power sensor, the PC should identify the new USB hardware and assign the appropriate device driver from the R&SNRP Toolkit (brief message appears in a small window after first PC connect).

If you forgot to install the R&S NRP Toolkit software beforehand, Windows will not be able find a USB driver for the power sensor. If this happens, the R&S NRPZxx is highlighted by a yellow exclamation mark in the Windows device manager.

In this case, proceed as follows:

  • Abort the dialog for driver installation.
  • Install the R&S NRP Toolkit from the CD-ROM.
  • Manually assign the USB driver from the toolkit to the R&S NRP.
    • Go to Control Panel – Add/Remove Hardware and start the hardware assistant to search for new components.
    • Select the R&S NRP-Zxx in the list of hardware components and complete thedriver installation.
  • Unplug the power sensor and reconnect it.