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FSH and Custom Preset


How to set a custom preset on the FSH3/6/18 ?


The user-defined default setup is generated by manually entering the desired parameters and saving the settings as data set. This data set can subsequently be declared as the preset setting with the aid of the R&S FSH View software.

NB: If no user-specific default setup is defined, CUSTOM is inactive and cannot be selected.

1. On the spectrum analyzer, change the settings to the one you want to set up as custom preset.

Then press Save and give it a name.

2. Pull up R&S FSH View and make sure your spectrum analyzer is connected to the computer. Make a connection using USB or RS-232-C.

After you are connected to the instrument, click INSTRUMENT -->DATASET CONTROL, and choose the data set that you had saved earlier. Then, on the data set control window, click the ASSIGN PRESET icon (green colored circle with a P inside it).

This makes the saved custom settings the preset.

Now go back to the instrument and click SETUP--> GENERAL SETUP-->PRESET SETTINGS-->CUSTOM

This will change your preset to your desired custom preset.