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How can I save the complete device information of my CMA 180 to a USB stick?


In some cases (purchase of a new option, support case) it is necessary to provide the configuration file.
This article describes, how to generate and save this file on a USB medium.


This can easily be done by performing the following steps (using a USB mouse connected to the unit might be useful):

  • Start your CMA 180
  • Press [Info]
  • Open the Tab "Problem Reporting".
  • Now go to „Log-Sessions“ and choose the line with the eldest date (which probably is the most upper one).
  • Click on „Prepare for Sending“ and wait until completion is confirme.d
  • Scroll down to „Output“ and expand this section if not already expanded.
  • Mark the Zip file with the actual date by simply clicking on it.
  • Click on „Copy“.
  • Now connect a USB stick to one oft he USB plugs.
  • The directory oft the stick should now appear on the screen.
  • click on the desired folder followed by „Paste“ to transfer the file on the USB stick.
  • The desired information is now available as a zip file on your USB medium.