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How to get an Overview of Several Curves in one Diagram?


In a diagram, several curves overlay each other in the order in which they were added to the diagram.

How can I change the order of curves or get one of the curves to the foreground?

Is there a method for easily getting an overview of the curves ?


It is not yet possible to change the order of the curves in a diagram.

However, you can do the following:

- Use the "Copy Trace" toolbar button to copy the measurement result (select a name that makes sense)

- Duplicate the diagram in the test component explorer by using the context menu (the duplicate is empty at first)

- Use "drag + drop" to drag the result files in the wanted order into the new diagram (the last curve is on top)

- When selecting the curve(s) from the file, use a unique name (e.g. name of curve also includes test name)

This procedure makes for better assignment of the curves, especially when curve style parameters such as color, thickness etc. were changed.