1000BASE-T1 interoperability test

Signal Quality Indicator (SQI)

In this video we show how to perform the Signal Quality Indicator (SQI) test requirement for the OPEN Alliance TC12 Interoperability test with 1000BASE-T1. For this test the 1000BASE-T1 needs to establish a link with a link partner. We use the SMW IQ wideband noise source to generate a 600MHz wideband signal that is injected as a noise through the RT-ZF7 directional coupler test fixture into the DUT.

The Media Converter from Technica is able to read out and report the SQI values for various levels of the noise injected into the 1000BASE-T1 communication link. In addition the RTO6 can be used to monitor the communication between the two automotive Ethernet devices and also check the frequency response and spectrum of the noise signal source coming from the SMW.

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