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Oscilloscope - Software - DDR3,DDR3L,LPDDR3 - Compliance-Test
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Oscilloscope - Software - DDR3,DDR3L,LPDDR3 - Compliance-Test

Key facts

  • Automated compliance test solution for DDR3/DDR3L and LPDDR3
  • Step-by-step wizard guidance
  • Clear and comprehensive test documentation
  • Signal integrity debugging with Data Eye view
  • Decoding of Read and Write cycles
  • R&S oscilloscopes | 3 years warranty extension
  • R&S oscilloscopes | HD 16 bit
  • R&S oscilloscopes | Multi-domain

Brief description

The R&S®RTP-K91 and R&S®RTO-K91 options support signal integrity debugging and automated compliance testing of DDR3/DDR3L and LPDDR3 interfaces. The test wizard guides the user via illustrated step-by-step instructions though the compliance tests. A configurable test report documents the test results. Additionally, the option supports signal integrity debugging by the integrated eye diagram functions and the Read/Write cycle decoding.

Features & benefits

Guided steps

Easy to use automated compliance test solution

The automated compliance tests are executed within the R&S ScopeSuite. Detailed, image-based instructions make it easy to correctly connect the oscilloscope and the probes to the device under test.

DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR3 - Compliace test
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Step-by-step instructions


Documentation of the compliance test results

The test results are fully documented in a report created by the R&S®ScopeSuite. Depending on the user’s preference, the test report can include numerical result data or oscilloscope screenshots. The available output formats are PDF, DOC and HTML.

DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR3 - Compliance test
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Detailed documentation of every test.

Data Eye

Signal integrity debugging with Eye tests

The eye diagram is a powerful tool to verify signal intetegrity issues. Use the built-in DDR Eye function to quickly generate a data eye and apply mask test or eye measurements for detailed analysis.

DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR3 - Compliance test
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Mask test and eye measurements on DDR3

Read/Write decoding

Seperation of Read and Write cycles

The K91 option also includes decoding of a DDR3 data stream. The Read and Write cycles become clearly visible. This information can be used to analyze data eyes dedicated for Read or Write.

DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR3 - Compliance test
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Setup dialog for DDR3 Read/Write decoding

Available models

  • Option Name


    Order number 1337.8840.02

    Complete Test solution
    Guided Steps
    Eye diagram
    Read/Write cycle decoding
    Base unit
  • Option Name


    Order number 1337.8891.02

    Complete Test solution
    Guided Steps
    Eye diagram
    Read/Write cycle decoding
    Base unit
Supported DDR3 compliance tests Timing tests
Electrical tests single-ended measurements
Electrical tests differential measurements
DDR3 decoding Protocol configuration
DDR3 eye diagram General description
General configuration
Mask testing

Application video

Signal Integrity debugging of DDR3

This video demonstrates the Eye diagram function and Read/Write decode.

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