R&S®Web Application Firewall - Business Edition

Entry-level solution on bandwidth-limited appliances or virtual machines with a classified set of core security functionalities

R&S®Web Application Firewall - Business Edition
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R&S®Web Application Firewall - Business Edition

Key facts

  • Protects web apps and APIs against the most common exploits
  • Robust security against OWASP Top 10
  • Ease of configuration and policy definition
  • Low touch false positives management
  • Flexible deployment (hardware or virtual machine)

R&S®Web Application Firewall - Business Edition: Protects web apps and APIs against the most common exploits

Today’s world runs on applications and, as a result, every company is managing an ever growing number of software. R&S®Web Application Firewall - Business Edition is key when building and executing a strategy for application security. R&S®Web Application Firewall protects business-critical web applications from threats and from known and unknown attacks including OWASP Top 10.

Features & benefits

Web application protection

Data flow analysis that detects vulnerabilities, tracks malicious input and corrects it directly

Actively protecting web applications and web services by filtering and monitoring incoming traffic and blocking known and unknown attacks”  asn the heading and then “R&S®Web Application Firewall – Business Edition protects standard applications and websites, e.g. Microsoft® Outlook Web Access™, Exchange™, SharePoint™ and SAP®, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla against the most common threats such as denial-of-service attacks, data loss and identity theft while maximizing operational efficiency.

API Security

Minimize risk with integrated API security

Many organizations are using APIs to transform their business by integrating applications. However, APIs increase the attack surface and must hence call for specific and effective security. API Security protects modern web applications based on JSON / XML web services. Integrated into core product features of both Business and Enterprise editions, the module detects API-specific attacks, including XML External Entities (XXE). With pre-defined security policy templates available for a range of common business applications, such as OWA, Exchange, SharePoint, and SAP, API integrity is instantly assured for your business.

Management Console

Unique platform for centralized provisioning and management of all devices and applications

Management Console provides the ability to provision policy from a central location and measure its effectiveness. Vulnerability Manager generates reports allowing you to ensure your security posture improves over time. A dedicated Management Console applicance is free to manage one master and one failover or two master appliances within R&S®Web Application Firewall - Business Edition.

Hardware or Virtual Machine deployment

Entry-level physical and virtual appliance models matching limited bandwidth requirements

R&S®Web Application Firewall - Business Edition provides the flexibility of offering both virtual and on-premises hardware appliances for limited bandwidth requirements (up to up to 21,000 transactions per seconds).

IP Reputation

Optimized efficiency of R&S®Web Application Firewall - Business Edition policy

Brings up-to-date, actionable threat intelligence to security operators charged with fending off modern attacks. The service integrates seamlessly with R&S®Web Application Firewall to optimize performance, reduce the number of false positives, block malicious bots and adjust the authentication and security policies based on user context and behavior.

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