Cybersecurity: Ransomware in 2021

RANSOMWARE - The holistic 10-point plan for prevention

During the Corona pandemic, many companies and government agencies around the world turned to remote work and home office employees virtually "overnight" - to which cybercriminals increasingly responded with phishing and ransomware attacks.

Ransomware attacks continue to be on the rise and pose a huge business risk to a wide range of industries - from public administrations to financial institutions to CRITIS.

1. more than 1 in 3 businesses (37 %) were affected by ransomware attacks in 2020

2. average ransomware demand has increased by 300 % within 2 years - from $5,000 (2018) to $200,000 (2020)

3. US insurer CNA Financial paid the highest ransomware payment of $40 million in 2021 - a world record

4. the average downtime after a ransomware attack has increased by 11 % and is now 21 days

So, we have put together a holistic 10-point ransomware prevention plan for you to learn step-by-step what you can specifically do proactively to protect yourself from extortion and malware - and how to respond quickly and correctly in the event of a crisis.