Integrating security into collaborative development

DevOps, as the word indicates, sets out to seamlessly integrate software development (Dev) and software operation (Ops). The main characteristic of the DevOps movement is to strongly advocate automation and monitoring at all stages of software development, from releasing to deploying, to operating and monitoring. DevOps targets shorter development cycles, increased deployment frequency, and more reliable releases, in close alignment with the defined business objectives. As the DevOps adoption is becoming more ubiquitous, security concerns are also more widespread, because a more agile workflow does not leave much room for the extended planning and auditing that typically goes along with security processes. In order to reap the benefits of DevOps serving the business, without compromising security, a complete rethinking of traditional security measures is required.

Your challenges

Companies that practice DevOps have reported significant benefits, including shorter time to market, improved customer satisfaction, better product quality and improved productivity and efficiency. While DevOps movement can deliver more rapid value to the end customer, more consideration must be given to security. DevOps initiatives can create cultural change in companies by transforming the way the teams collaborate during the development and delivery processes. For security professionals the DevOps approach offers a new opportunity to work more closely with both development and operations teams in terms of defining, implementing and assuring security throughout the application lifecycle, from conception to production and operations. Getting these groups to work cohesively is a critical challenge in enterprise DevOps adoption, yet it is also vital for its success. Integrating security into DevOps deployment process will produce more secure software, and will defend against cyberattacks. New security issues emerge all the time: new vulnerabilities, new exploits, and new configuration challenges. While security should be built into applications at code level, it is also necessary to intercepts attacks by continuously identifying flaws and automatically removing them before they can be exploited. The Security team must be able to inject security into the DevOps process at any time, at coding, deployment or operations stage, but without interfering with the inherent agility of the process.

Benefits of our solutions

Our cloud services and on prem appliances simplify the job of security and DevOps teams throughout the software development lifecycle, as they seek to deliver a safe digital environment. They help identify, prioritize and patch vulnerabilities. They simplify and strengthen user access to applications, wherever people connect from and wherever applications are located. They also block attacks targeting web applications, the APIs and web services powering mobile apps, by evaluating user behavior in context to respond appropriately. The DevOps approach also results in a lot more dependence on orchestration and automation to define the production environment and it also allows to keep an eye on security while maintaining operational environment up to speed, which otherwise may prove very complex to achieve.

  • A Web Application Firewall will pick up attacks that may try and slip through vulnerabilities or flaws created in the APIs that applications may use.
  • A Vulnerability Manager can scan applications and streamline remediation.

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