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Beyond 5G

On the verge of 6G?

Pushing the limits of 5G

5G New Radio (5G NR) network rollouts are in full swing globally, with standardization advancing and the evolution of the global standard to address new market verticals such as automotive and industrial internet of things (IIoT) progressing.

However, the initial network deployments do not use all the capabilites currently defined for 5G. While the optimization of networks and early 5G devices is an ongoing process, researchers have initiated discussions on the future, what comes beyond 5G and leads to the next generation of wireless communication.

Rohde & Schwarz is following these discussions and is working with its partners and customers on adapting its existing solutions to support this initial phase of research on what might be ultimately called 6G.

#ThinkSix – Main 6G research ideas

Main 6G research ideas

5G network roll-outs and their optimizations are in full swing. Meanwhile, academia has started the fundamental research phase on what the next generation of wireless communications may encompass. In this video, we look at the main research areas for what we eventually call 6G.

#ThinkSix – Spectrum for 5G, Beyond 5G and 6G research

Spectrum for 5G, Beyond 5G and 6G research

Which frequency ranges are supported by 3GPP’s 5G New Radio standard and what is beyond them? In this video we analyze the current regulatory landscape for the spectrum beyond 100 GHz and take a closer look at D-Band, supporting frequencies from 110 to 170 GHz.

#ThinkSix – OTA measurements for sub-THz communication in D-band

OTA measurements for sub-THz communication in D-band

The D-Band, ranging from 110 GHz to 170 GHz, is a frequency band that a future 6G wireless communication standard may use for short-range communication, offering ultra-high data rates. This video demonstrates the R&S®ATS1000 antenna test system, now supporting frequencies up to 170 GHz.

On the verge of 6G? The 6G timeline

On the verge of 6G?

While release 16 of 3GPP's 5G NR standard is expected in September 2020, the educational sector is already discussing what is beyond 5G. This video explores a potential timeline for 6G, based on the experiences with 5G and 4G LTE.

#ThinkSix – Sub THz communications – a step towards 6G

Sub-THz communications – a step towards 6G

With advancing wireless communications, the need for higher bandwidths is growing. This ongoing process pushes the frequency boundaries into the sub-THz and THz frequency range. Find out more about the demonstrations by Rohde & Schwarz in this range.

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Webinar: The role of AI/ML in future wireless communication

Webinar: The role of AI/ML in future wireless communication

Watch this webinar and learn how AI/ML is used in today’s 5G mobile networks, its current status of the fundamental research for an AI-native air interface in 6G and what role test & measurement solutions play in this context.

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Webinar: THz communications

THz communication - a key enabler for beyond 5G?

Learn about technological aspects of over-the-air measurements in the sub-THz region with testing solutions from Rohde & Schwarz.

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Poster Microwaves and beyond


Microwaves and beyond

Our new poster summarizes the many size variations required to cover the bands up to 1.7 THz, including the frequency band designations D-Band and G-Band – potential sub-THz bands for upcoming gigabit communications beyond 5G.

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The evolution of 5G

White paper

5G evolution – on the path to 6G

Discover the technological requirements behind 6G and explore the evolution from 5G to 6G from a service, air interface and network perspective.

Additional resources

Application note:

Measurement Setup for Phase Noise Test at Frequencies above 50 GHz

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Application card:

Measure noise figure above 110 GHz

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White paper:

Fundamentals of THz technology for 6G.

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R&S®FSWP Phase Noise Analyzer

R&S®FSWP Phase Noise Analyzer and VCO Tester

The R&S®FSWP phase noise analyzer and VCO tester combines extremely low noise internal sources and cross correlation technology, delivering extremely high sensitivity for phase noise measurements up to 50 GHz, but also for frequencies up to 500 GHz while using external harmonic mixers.

Product information



Performance leadership without compromise. The R&S®SMA100B RF and microwave signal generator is unchallenged in terms of output power, with the lowest harmonics and phase noise performance.

Product information



The R&S®FSW is setting the bar high, providing excellent phase noise performance and is the signal and spectrum analyzer with the widest analysis bandwidth on the market.

Product information



The R&S®ZNA provides unparalleled measurement flexibility, utilizing phase-stable and phase-coherent sources, a multiple LO architecture and a true multi-channel receiver design.

Product information

R&S®ZCxxx Frequency converters


The ZCxxx family of frequency converters deliver unprecedented performance in mmWave applications. High output power, wide dynamic range and measurement stability provide proven benefits in wideband applications.

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