Free mobility on board

Flexible communication not limited to certain locations is an upcoming demand of modern system solutions. R&S®NAVICS provides a Wi-Fi based wireless communications system (WCS) to allow freedom of movement even on the entire ship combined with an application, which allows a smartphones to act as mobile voice terminals. For mobility in a limited area around a voice terminal, a wireless headset system (WHS) can be provided integrated into R&S®NAVICS.

  • Wireless Communication System (WCS)
    • Allows the operator to move freely on the entire ship, providing uninterrupted voice communications services
    • Uses VoIP over Wi-Fi
    • Wi-Fi access points connected to an Ethernet network replace complex antenna installations
    • The smartphone provides the same features as a voice terminal.
    • Allows monitoring of broadcasts and alarms in parallel with an active call
    • Easy expansion for data apps such as personnel location, short messages, access to CCTV
    • Various security measures for secure onboard operation
  • Wireless Headset System (WHS)
    • Allows the operator to move freely a certain distance from the voice terminal, e.g. on the bridge, the CIC or in machinery areas
    • Direct communications between mobile radios, similar to using walkie-talkies, e.g. for communications on upper decks
    • Fewer headsets since headsets can be connected to both mobile radios and voice terminals
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