New virtual storage access technology prevents failures during playout or ingest

New Rohde & Schwarz virtual Storage access (VSA) technology prevents any interruption of running media transfers, file encoding and file decoding processes during playout or ingest.

Master control room (MCR)
Master control room (MCR)

Off-the-shelf storage solutions can provide mechanisms for high-availability configurations to cover failures, but they do not ensure seamless data availability during failover. There may be interruptions, ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes, when all running data transfers may stop.

The new Rohde & Schwarz VSA technology is a software component that provides virtual storage access by virtualizing a single mount point physically consisting of multiple storage tiers.

The Rohde & Schwarz VSA layer can be easily deployed to the R&S VENICE media server or the R&S Spycer Media Gateway servers. It enables non-blocking parallel file replication irrespective of the underlying Rohde & Schwarz storage system.

Posted by Michael Hackl and Dirk Thometzek, product managers for file based media solutions, Rohde & Schwarz. 24th November 2017.