The Rohde & Schwarz product line encompasses a wide range of highly sensitive active and passive antennas for mobile and stationary use, providing complete coverage of the frequency range from 100 Hz to 40 GHz.

Monitoring antennas

Thanks to their extremely high sensitivity, monitoring antennas from Rohde & Schwarz capture even the weakest signals. Their radiation diagrams are optimized for the respective applications.


Measurement antennas

Measurement antennas from Rohde & Schwarz feature small parameter spread in production. As a result, they are highly compliant with specifications and extremely accurate.


Communications antennas

Communications antennas from Rohde & Schwarz feature top performance and outstanding radiation characteristics over their entire frequency range.


Antenna accessories

Antenna accessories from Rohde & Schwarz round out transmit and receive systems. The accessories include rotators, their control units, power supplies and many other components.


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