Vehicle to everything

Vehicle to everything

Reliable, automated test solutions for V2X, V2V, V2I communications

For several years, automobile manufacturers and government agencies have sought ways to improve safety on roadways and effectively manage traffic flow. Wireless communication systems are advancing, and the vision of automobiles talking to each other (V2V) and to roadside units (V2I) is becoming a reality. These planned automotive wireless communication systems for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications are collectively known as intelligent transportation systems (ITS). The first wave of solutions was based on IEEE 802.11p technology, but now C-V2X solutions based on LTE are appearing, and discussions about how 5G will play a role are already happening.

Well-established vehicle sensors, e.g. radar sensors, cameras and tachometers, already provide information about distances to surroundings and velocities, but sharing information from the vehicle to everything also allows knowledge of critical traffic situations and collisions so that the driver or the car can initiate countermeasures to avoid accidents or create a better traffic flow.

Your challenges

Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications systems require a stable wireless link to maximize the throughput of information, which increases driver safety. To ensure a good wireless link, receivers must be able to detect signals even under the worst conditions, e.g. low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), poor error vector magnitude (EVM) and heavy fading. Replicating these conditions in the lab requires high-performance test equipment capable of generating/analyzing the V2X signals, the required fading conditions and satellite signals for highly accurate positioning.

Benefits of our solutions

  • Innovative: first-to-market C-V2X solution
  • Accurate: class-leading RF performance
  • Flexible: easy-to-configure scenarios

For more detailed information, see our flyer "Trends in connected cars – at a glance ".

Automotive V2X webinar and whitepaper

  • Webinar: V2X – the building blocks of an intelligent transport system

    Register and learn more about:

    • Use cases for V2X from “day 1” basic safety to fully autonomous vehicles
    • Details of the current technologies under discussion
    • Future requirements

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  • Whitepaper: Introduction to the vehicle-to-everything communications service V2X feature in 3GPP release 14

    Sign up and learn more about:

    • C-ITS use cases and applications
    • System architecture
    • LTE V2X protocol stack for out-of-coverage communications
    • Synchronization in out-of-coverage V2X scenarios

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  • R&S TS-ITS100 conformance testing of IEEE 802.11p signals

    Integrated test system for verifying IEEE 802.11p conformity of user equipment. All IEEE 802.11p capable user equipment must demonstrate conformity with the applicable regional standards in the frequency ranges it covers.

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  • CMW500 C-V2X protocol testing of cellular V2X release 14

    The R&S®CMW500 is the perfect test instrument to provide signaling test solutions for 3GPP standards like LTE-V Rel. 14 because it allows developers of wireless devices to simulate a radio access network.

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  • R&S®FSW signal & spectrum analyzer

    The high-performance R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzer was developed to meet demanding customer requirements. Offering low phase noise, wide analysis bandwidth and straightforward and intuitive operation, the analyzer makes measurements fast and easy.

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  • R&S®SMW200A vector signal generator

    The R&S®SMW200A is the vector signal generator for the most demanding applications. As a result of its flexibility, performance and intuitive operation, it is a perfect tool for generating complex, digitally modulated signals of high quality.

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Further information

  • Drive autonomously with confidence

    For more detailed information see our Application brochure.

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  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Using IEEE 802.11p

    This Application note provides an overview of the current status of the ITS worldwide.

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  • IEEE 802.11p standard for vehicle-to-everything (V2X)

    The IEEE 802.11p standard is one of the main candidates for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications.

    More information

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