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Cost-effective automatic four-port calibration of network analyzers

The R&S®ZN-Z153 automatic calibration unit makes it fast and easy to calibrate a Rohde & Schwarz network analyzer up to 8.5 GHz. It is another economical four-port model in the company’s automatic calibration unit product range. Port arrangement is the primary selection criterion that sets it apart from the R&S®ZN-Z51, the other four-port model. The ports on the R&S®ZN-Z153 are arranged in a single row, while the R&S®ZN-Z51 has two ports on each side. The user’s test setup will dictate the most advantageous port arrangement. The unit features a built-in memory for recording user-specific calibration data in complete setups, or an easily removable micro SD card can be used. This makes it easier to organize efforts and archive results. The Rohde & Schwarz R&S®ZNB / R&S®ZNBT / R&S®ZNC / R&S®ZND and R&S®ZVA / R&S®ZVT network analyzers recognize the calibration unit as soon as it is connected via USB interface.

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