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Measurement of the voltage of a waveform at a certain time


I would like to measure the voltage at a certain time of a captured waveform. However, from reading the manual it isn't quite clear how I can achieve this. Do I need to use the cursor function? May I ask for the SCPI commands?


The “V-Marker” cursur function is ideal for such a task. One or two vertical cursors can be placed in relation to the trigger point. Then the voltage is measured at the crossing point of the cursors and the waveform. Here is the SCPI sequence:

  • CURS:TRAC ON à enables the “V-Marker” measurement function
  • CURS:X1P 6.000000E-05 à sets the horizontal position of cursor 1, left to the trigger point require negative values
  • CURS:Y1P? à query of the voltage measured of cursor 1