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Scan Table, exclamation mark appears near to the Bandwidth setting


I have ESR and want to make a measurement, e.g. according MIL-STD-461 standard using Receiver mode. I wanted to set 1 kHz bandwidth on the Scan Table for between 150 kHz and 30 MHz, but it seems I could not. I selected 1 kHz Bandwidth, but exclamation mark (!) appears near to the 1 kHz Bandwidth.


The Exclamation mark ! next to Res BW setting


just implies that the set Bandwidth is not a Standard CISPR Bandwidth. The ! is just a warning to make you aware. You can really measure any subrange with whatever Bandwidth you want.

It is important to know, ESR supports a selected set of resolution bandwidths. Press BW Key and select EMI CISPR / MIL, to have both filter types available in Scan Table If you enter a number that is not supported, ESR rounds the value up to next available bandwidth.