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Setting a CMW as a Bluetooth LE packet Generator


Is it possible to generate Bluetooth LE Packets in CMW270/290/500 without a HW interface that enables DTM (Direct Test Mode)?


Yes, above is possible although DTM is typically the preferred method for LE testing but this requires a non-RF connection between the CMW and the EUT and very likely third-party Windows drivers to be installed on the CMW. Below screenshots summarize the procedure using the Bluetooth Signaling Application.

After starting the PER measurement, the CMW will send 1500 packets following the selected Signal Characteristics marked above. One can double check these packets either with the Bluetooth Measurement Application or also qualitative using the GPRF Spectrum Analyzer. This has been captured in below screenshot using Zero Span with center frequency of 2.402 GHz.

For above to run successfully and simultaneously, the RF Input routing should be set accordingly to avoid a hardware resource conflict between GPRF and the Signaling Application. The Block View is typically a good reference to revise this.

(You can find the corresponding manual in GLORIS)

  • R&S®CMW270/290/500 Bluetooth® User Manual
  • R&S®CMW270/290/500 GPRF User Manual