R&S®BTC Broadcast Signal Generator and Audio/Video Analyzer

One Box for Testing Various Audio-Video Applications in Different Industries

The R&S®BTC Broadcast Signal Generator and A/V Analyzer Offers Unlimited Applications

In addition to interference testing and transmission simulation, the R&S®BTC offers unlimited applications.

The R&S®BTC broadcast test center is a reference signal generator featuring analysis functions and automated tests for audio, video and multimedia applications. It is a unique combination of outstanding technical features and a modular, flexible design to meet the highest demands.

Modular and scalable

The different hardware modules and extensive software options enable the R&S®BTC to ideally adapt to its current and future environment and testing tasks, providing you with a long-term, service-friendly, cost-saving testing platform.

Realtime Signal Generation for Two RF Paths

The R&S®BTC is equipped with two independent RF paths and features realtime signal generation, with realtime functionality throughout the entire signal chain:

End-to-End Testing

The R&S®BTC conducts complete end-to-end tests between the transmit and receive OSI application layers, enabling you to detect direct correlations between the various factors influencing the transmission path.

This is made possible by the complete transmission chain in the R&S®BTC - from generation of the audio/video stream and simulation of the RF channel to integrated audio/video analysis and embedding and remote control of the device under test.

  • Generation of audio and video signals
  • Seamless modification of transport streams, including error injection
  • Coding with broadcasting standards
  • Transmission simulations
  • Two independent RF paths
  • Audio/video analysis


Optionally available gateways generate digital elementary audio/video and data streams using the corresponding transmission standards. The T2-MI gateway generates the required T2-MI stream in realtime in accordance with DVB-T2 transmission parameters.

Complex Interface Testing

Another R&S®BTC application area is testing of interferer signal scenarios. Due to digital dividends and the convergence of different transmission technologies in receiving devices such as set-top boxes and mobile devices, these scenarios are becoming increasingly important.


The R&S®BTC supports MISO scenarios such as those already being used for DVB-T2. The R&S®BTC also supports 2x2 MIMO scenarios that are currently being evaluated for future applications. Due to its modular architecture, the R&S®BTC is ideally prepared to meet long-term requirements, even for 4x4 scenarios.

Integrated Automated Compliance Testing

The device under test can be fully embedded into the R&S®BTC broadcast test center's environment. Shorter test case development and automation times. Enhanced design reliability, optimized time-to-market and test cases that can be reproduced at any time for compliance testing. Automating tests in this way saves you time and money.

Audio/Video Multimedia Generator / Remultiplexer

The multimedia generator enables users to multiplex their own transport streams from elementary audio/video and data streams. The bitstream player supports playback of MPEG-2 transport streams as well as many other file formats.

The integrated remultiplexer also allows changes to the structure of the transport stream. And the MPEG-2 transport streams that are generated and played back internally can be multiplexed with external transport streams that are fed in via IP or ASI.

Error Injection

Error injection makes it possible to seamlessly modify the MPEG-2TS in realtime. Bits, byte packets and tables can be replaced with user-defined content, modified, or removed from the transport stream.

Test Suites

The available test suites are based on standard test specifications. The configurable environment and test cases increase the depth of testing while simultaneously shortening development times, maintaining reproducibility and improving documentation of individual applications.

Audio/Video Analysis

Audio/video analysis visualizes the effect of transmission errors on the application layers, making a direct correlation between the OSI layers possible for the first time - for an objective assessment of the picture failure point.

Transmission Simulations

The R&S®BTC offers a wide variety of realistic transmission simulations for the RF transmission channel:

  • Variety of noise sources: broadband and band-limited AWGN, phase noise and impulsive noise
  • 40-path fading simulator
  • Predistortion for the transmitting and receiving ends

The R&S®BTC Broadcast Signal Generator and A/V Analyzer is Tailored for Different Industries

CE Receiver Chipset Manufactures

Developers and manufacturers of tuners, receivers, A/V decoders, integrated semiconductors (SoC) and SoC components that are used to provide solutions for the consumer equipment manufacturer market.

CE Manufactures

Developers and manufacturers of all types of consumer equipment, such as set-top boxes, TVs, radios, computer receiver components, mobile phones, and other receiving devices that use broadcasting standards and audio and video transmission.

Automotive Manufactures

Developers, manufacturers, suppliers and integrators of multimedia receiving devices and car radios that are used in the automotive market.

Professional Equipment Manufactures

Manufacturers of receiving equipment for all professional audio and video transmission applications based on wireless broadcasting standards. Usually, COFDM technology is employed with DVB-T/DVB-T2 or satellite transmission technology based on the DVB-S2 standard. Of course, all other wireless broadcasting standards for professional applications can also be used.

QA and Test House

Users who test tuners, chipsets, components and ready-to-use receivers for all kinds of audio/video transmissions to determine their quality parameters, performance and standards conformance - even beyond the normal limits of a transmission standard.

Network Operators

Operators of terrestrial, satellite, or cable TV networks who, depending on the specific region and country, employ different transmission standards for their medium and have to test them in accordance with the requirements of their specific environment.

Government and Authorities

State organizations and institutions that have responsibilities related to broadcasting, or that use or test video and audio transmissions as well as all kinds of such receivers for official purposes.

Aerospace and Defense

Companies and organizations that employ wireless broadcasting standards in aeronautical, space or military applications.

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