1MA137: PESQ® Measurement for WCDMA with R&S®CMUgo

Recent mobile test methods could not evaluate the quality of data reduced speech signals with different coded and decoded signals. The Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ) provides the solution for this measuring problem. WCDMA PESQ is an add-on tool for CMUgo for automatic measurement of the PESQ for WCDMA mobile phones according to recommendation ITU-T P.862.1 featuring selectable fading profiles and variable Additional White Gaussian Noise (AWGN).

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1MA137_0e_PESQ_measurement_for_WCDMA_with_CMUgo.pdf Руководство по применению English 0e 14.04.2009 7 MB
WCDMA_PESQ_Demo.SEQ Файл руководства по применению English 14.04.2009 9 kB
WCDMAPesq.dll Файл руководства по применению English 05.01.2012 188 kB
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