1CM72: Operation Guide for HSDPA Test Setup according to 3GPP TS 34.121

Most of the tests specified in standard TS 34.121 [1] for 3GPP Rel-5 can be performed with R&S®CMU200. This document provides a step by step guide on how to perform Rel-5 measurements on transmitter characteristics, receiver characteristics and performance tests according to TS 34.121 V8.7.0 clauses 5, 6 and 9 with standalone R&S®CMU200. Test cases that require additional instruments, e.g. fading generator (R&S®SMU200A or R&S®AMU200A) will be discussed in brief in this application note with recommended reference. A set of *.sav files based on R&S®CMU200 firmware V5.03 for UE supporting operating band I with power class 3 in RMC 12.2 kbps + HSDPA is attached to this application note.

Имя Тип Язык Версия Дата Размер
1CM72_2E.pdf Руководство по применению English 2E 13.10.2009 3 MB
R5_V522A.zip Файл руководства по применению English 13.10.2009 61 kB
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