Solid-state power amplifiers | Rohde & Schwarz

Solid-state power amplifiers

Amplify Ku-band signals for satellite uplinks with unprecedented signal quality and efficiency.

Solid-state amplifiers outperform competing technologies. Traveling wave tubes have a significantly longer boot time and, since the tube is an inherent a single point of failure, an unpredictable lifespan. Rohde & Schwarz uses innovative, in-house amplifier technology to raise performance expectations. It is redefining how adaptive linearization improves signal fidelity and amplifier performance. This adaptive linearization works with both L-band or Ku-band input signals.



The new R&S®PKU100 solid-state power amplifier for Ku-band satellite uplink applications is available as an indoor and outdoor model. Based on solid-state technology, these amplifiers offer adaptive linearization to improve shoulder attenuation at the amplifier output. All amplifiers feature a previously unattained efficiency and compact form factor.

  • Frequency range from 13.75 GHz to 14.5 GHz
  • 400 W in only 3 HU and weighing only 18.3 kg
  • High peak efficiency of > 20 %
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