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5G Broadcast

A revolution in media delivery

In the past few decades, incredible innovations have taken place with TV moving from analog transmission to digital broadcast enabling thousands of unique channels to deliver premium content to consumers. Nowadays, TV is ready for the next challenge... but this time with mobile connectivity firmly in mind.

5G Broadcast: Future of media delivery? | Rohde & Schwarz

5G Broadcast: The future of media delivery

5G Broadcast is considered as one of the main pillars in the 5G era. This technology can enhance the mobile experience and offer consumers limitless media consumption. This idea has existed since the introduction of LTE but it has recently been enhanced via the 3GPP group with Release 14 and 15 as Further Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service or “FeMBMS”.

Known more simply under the name of “EnTV” or Enhanced Television services, it is designed to make delivering digital TV over the existing mobile networks a reality, addressing the needs of broadcasters, content providers, mobile operators, and consumers.

What 5G Broadcast means for network operators? | Rohde & Schwarz

What 5G Broadcast means for network operators?

For TV broadcasters and content providers, 5G Broadcast (EnTV) creates an opportunity to broaden their reach as it allows them to address mobile devices directly, free to air, including where a mobile SIM card is not needed. Network operators are able to enhance their business by offering their services to content providers to deliver high data rate content to their mobile users simultaneously with other networks.

Mobile Network Operators can also benefit from 5G Broadcast adoption via offloading their network loads. This standards evolution allows enhancing today’s cellular network topologies via deploying an High Power High Tower overlay network with more than 60 km cell radius in order to achieve a better and wider coverage specifically for media delivery. That enables an uncommonly cost efficient network topology for both urban and rural areas. Aditionally mobile consumers of premium content such as live sports events will benefit from highest video quality, low latency and ensured availability of live streaming services.

5G Broadcast: Main future business cases | Rohde & Schwarz

5G Broadcast: Main business cases

5G Broadcast is not only designed for Mobile Live TV but also for massive IoT when identical content needs to be distributed to a massive number of devices like smart home appliances. It is inefficient to use unicast for this, but ideal for broadcast. It can make OTA (over-the-air) firmware upgrades and group messaging much more efficient.

Moreover, government and public service entities are looking for new ways of communicating with citizens. Broadcast is being adopted to more efficiently deliver real-time emergency notifications to a wide variety of devices under the scope of public safety.

In the automotive sector, next-generation vehicles will support enhanced safety and more autonomous driving. Device to device connections, like V2X (Vehicle to Everything) will allow vehicles to efficiently communicate with the network and its surroundings. 5G Broadcast allows the network to more efficiently deliver real-time information, such as software and traffic updates, not to forget the potential for entertainment inside the vehicles.

5G Broadcast: How far we are? | Rohde & Schwarz

5G Broadcast: How far are we?

In short, 5G Broadcast will enable Broadcasters and Mobile Operators to redefine a new dimension of efficiency from both spectrum and cost point of view while exploring a new era of Quality of (mobile) Experience.

3GPP has the vision to support digital TV delivery in the 5G era, and it has defined a set of 5G requirements for multimedia broadcast and multicast services. Today, LTE/ 5G Broadcast Release 14 and 15 meet most of the 5G requirements and it is expected to meet all of them (like higher cyclic prefix (>300) and support of very high speed mobility scenario (250 km/h)) with its continued evolution in Release 16 and beyond.

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