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Продукты, предназначенные для совместной работы, решения, созданные для решения проблем.

Создание решений с использованием продуктов от компании Rohde & Schwarz может помочь разрешать проблемы в большинстве областей современного мира телерадиовещания и мультимедиа. Наши усилия по разработке сориентированы на производительность, функциональную совместимость и открытость, поскольку мы полагаем, что это наилучший способ предоставить возможность нашим клиентам наиболее экономически эффективным и операционно-эффективным образом создавать решения, которые включают в себя наши продукты. Прочтите и узнайте, как можно сочетать наши продукты для создания гибких, эффективных и перспективных решений для вашего бизнеса.

Наши решения

  • Головное аудио-/видеоустройство

    Компания Rohde & Schwarz реализует возможности программного обеспечения с поддержкой кодирования и мультиплексирования для линейной наземной и спутниковой доставки. Разработка высокоинтеллектуальных программных решений позволяет нам обеспечивать уникальные показатели производительности, резервируемости и архитектуры развертывания для наших клиентов.

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  • Внестудийное и студийное производство

    Производственные среды представляют собой динамичные рабочие места. Компания Rohde & Schwarz имеет многолетний опыт разработки решений для требовательных высокоэффективных и высококлассных студий. Прочтите и узнайте, насколько наши продукты готовы к современности и завтрашнему дню.

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  • Сетевая инфраструктура и тестирование

    Современное мультимедийное вещание должно поддерживать любой формат и любую платформу, которые нужны потребителям. Для разрешения этих проблем компания Rohde & Schwarz предлагает множество решений для OTT, наземной, спутниковой и кабельной передачи данных независимо от того, относятся ли эти данные к распространению контента или монтажу, мониторингу и обслуживанию сетей.

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  • 4k & UHD TV

    Для мультимедиа более высокого разрешения необходим больший упор на качество, в том числе динамический диапазон и гамму цветов. Решения от компании Rohde & Schwarz для кинематографии и телевидения обеспечивают эффективность обработки данных, полосу пропускания сети и точность, необходимые для обоих приложений.

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BLUE Experts Lounge – now on tour | Rohde & Schwarz

BLUE Experts Lounge – now on tour

Come and visit us.

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Our latest news

  • Digitizing cultural assets with R&S®CLIPSTER - Case Study

    Saving historical film documents is the challenge being tackled by Studio Hamburg Postproduction. Now it’s up to R&S®CLIPSTER to safeguard priceless cultural assets.

    Download now

  • Mission-critical mastering with R&S®CLIPSTER - Case Study

    Motion Pictures Solution needs to work with the latest technologies to address the numerous market demands for HDR and SDR deliverables. They decided for R&S®CLIPSTER.

    Download now

  • Rohde & Schwarz aquires PixelPower Limited

    Rohde & Schwarz has acquired Pixel Power Ltd., a technology leader in television branding, graphics, automation, master control and playout. With this acquisition Rohde & Schwarz is executing its plan to expand further in broadcast playout while taking ownership of a company with significant technological leader- ship. The subsidiary will be renamed "Pixel Power Ltd. - A Rohde & Schwarz Company".

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  • Webinar: 5G Broadcast - Engine of Next Generation Networks

    Join a special webinar hosted by TVB Europe where you can learn how this new business development can generate fresh audiences and major revenue streams for organizations like yours.

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  • R&S CLIPSTER supports EBU UHD tests at European Championships 2018

    The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) will be leading trials with several EBU members and industry partners of production workflows to shoot, process, record, and distribute live Ultra High Definition (UHD) content.

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  • Making work flow at The Farm post production services - Case Study

    The Farm Group recently invested in R&S®SpycerBox storage solutions and R&S®CLIPSTER mastering systems to meet the rising demand for UHD and HDR post work.

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  • R&S®CLIPSTER mastering solution puts the sparkle into world premieres at Berlinale - Case Study

    The Berlinale is the meeting place for international filmmakers. And the technology solutions used there must meet their high standards. Read our case study how R&S®CLIPSTER records and creates DCPs on time.

    Download now

  • Pinewood Studios in London relies on Rohde & Schwarz products - Case Study

    The versatile, reliable, high-performance R&S®SpycerBoxes from Rohde & Schwarz give Pinewood a range of ingest and storage solutions that meet their exacting needs.

    Download now

  • Rohde & Schwarz – top technology over many years for ARRI Media - Case Study

    As a full post production service provider with the concept of a one stop shop, it is vitally important for ARRI Media to use reliable, endurable, state-of-the-art technology to meet the high expectations of their customers...Click on "Download now" to read the full case study.

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  • Molinare – the leading UK supplier of postproduction solutions - Case Study

    Whether it be UHD and HDR projects for Netflix and Amazon,feature films, high-end TV dramas and documentaries or factual entertainment, Molinare’s creative excellence is visible and audible in every project. This has been recognized with multiple Emmy, BAFTA and RTS awards and nominations...Click on "Download now" to read the full case study.

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Premium content

  • 5G Broadcast for Mobile TV in a nutshell – eBook

    Sometimes, new technologies compliment established ones. One such case is that of digital terrestrial transmission (DTT) which seems doomed to be replaced by IP-based systems. This eBook explains how the integration of the latest mobile telecommunications technologies are a perfect partner for DTT and can put it on a completely new and significant growth path.

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  • Dealing with external interference in a gap filler network - eBook

    Gap filler network operators desire three things: top signal quality, best reliability and minimal operating costs. But today’s products only allow optimizing two of these at most.

    Let’s talk about issues and options.

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  • Cost effective IP contribution and distribution - eBook

    Anyone working in the broadcast and media world cannot have failed to notice the impact that IP technology is having on the industry. Whether in a studio production or at a live outside broadcast, IP-based content transport systems simplify content acquisition. IP-based delivery systems also extend the reach of content providers at reduced cost per viewer. Download our eBook to learn more.

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  • Interoperability and content exchange made easy with IMF - eBook

    This eBook looks at the latest changes to the standards and sheds light on its application in a range of scenarios from cinema to broadcast.

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  • How to reduce network complexity with modern storage solutions - eBook

    If your business handles large volumes of film, video, and computer graphic data as part of your daily workflow, then there is a requirement for a fast and reliable storage architecture.

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  • Software-based intelligent content monitoring powered by R&S®ALASS technology - white paper

    How to monitor simultaneously and in a correlated manner, the same content across a broad set of distribution paths with R&S®ALASS technology.

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  • One eye on 2018 – OTT, IP, HDR and cyber security - eBook

    In this exclusive report, we examine some of the key trends for 2018.

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  • Quo Vadis? Amplifiers for SAT uplinks

    Many of the current high-power KU-band amplifiers are tube-based, and high-power amplifiers with transistors are just now becoming available. Read more in our White Paper "Quo Vadis? Amplifiers for SAT uplinks – TWTA vs. SSPA – What is the future?"

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  • How will IP impact broadcast contribution services and how to take advantage of the technology?

    IP can impact on many areas of broadcast operations: One key area is IP-based content contribution. Read more in our eBook "IP-based broadcast contribution and primary distribution – revolution or evolution?

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  • Beyond resolution – HDR, WCG and HFR

    Picture quality has been the most important topic for everyone involved in video production ever since television broadcasting began. Today, the discussion about the “WOW” factors beyond resolution is still going on. With this whitepaper, Rohde & Schwarz takes a detailed look back into the historical background, today’s present and future developments in picture quality.

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  • 10 Questions you need to ask before you purchase a new solid-state transmitter

    Whether it is ensuring your transmitter remains compatible with future standards such as ATSC 3.0, meets FCC repack requirements, how you can calculate the true cost of ownership and who should handle the installation and provide on-going support, we have the must-read issues you need to consider.

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