Teaming up for higher IT security: Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity cooperates with Panasonic

Mobile devices that meet the highest security requirements: In future, robust handhelds and tablets from Panasonic's Android model series will be marketed with R&S Trusted Mobile software from a single source.

Robust, durable mobile devices that also place particularly high demands on IT security: This combination is indispensable for users such as police and security services, public services and defence, but also for the energy industry, industry 4.0 and healthcare.

"We are very pleased about our cooperation with Panasonic," states Olaf Siemens, Vice President Network & Endpoint Security at Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity. "Our hardened and centrally managed operating system R&S Trusted Mobile, in combination with the slim and stable Android models FZ-T1 (5" handheld) and FZ-L1 (7" tablet) from Panasonic, is the perfect platform for all users who do not want to compromise on the longevity of their devices or on IT security.

With a specially secured ("hardened") and manageable operating system, the R&S Trusted Mobile Software, Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity offers a security solution for securing mobile devices to protect critical communication and data. Such a solution is essential for the IT security of organizations in order to meet the challenges of today's mobile access to corporate data by employees. In the event of loss of smartphones or tablets, for example, it must be prevented that outsiders can gain access to sensitive business data. R&S Trusted Mobile also addresses another risk posed by mobile devices: Attackers hack the devices, for example via manipulated apps, in order to access the data on the mobile devices. In extreme cases, this data could also be used to gain unauthorized access to other IT systems of an organization.

R&S Trusted Mobile works by controlling the flow of information from data. For this purpose, the system is divided into two areas: a private "open area" and a more strongly managed "restricted area". The open area can be used like a normal Android system in which, for example, any number of apps can be installed. The restricted area, on the other hand, is designed exclusively for secure communication with the corporate network. Via an automatically configured, secure VPN tunnel, company resources such as e-mail, contacts, calendar and intranet can be accessed. Access to external websites in the restricted area is also via the corporate firewall, which can filter out dangerous content.

However, the most important feature of R&S Trusted Mobile is that applications and data are strictly separated in the respective areas. Intentional or unintentional data and information flow between the areas is not possible. This prevents, for example, an app installed by the user from being able to access sensitive company data - even in the event of an attack on the open area. The user receives, so to speak, two virtual systems in one device.

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