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ELEKTRA, Acceptance Analysis not working for a given Limit Line


I have defined an EMI Test Template. In the Flow Details, in Data Reduction, I have specified an Acceptance Offset of -10 dB based on the given Limit,

ELEKTRA, Acceptance Analysis not working for a given Limit Line?

but peaks with more than 10 dB Offset from limit are still recorded for the final measurement.

ELEKTRA, Acceptance Analysis not working for a given Limit Line?

What is the reason for this?


The Acceptance Analysis works, but it depends on Limit Line the EMI Template refers to, respectively which detector is used in Limit Line table.


In this field you add your Limit Line for your Template.


We assume, for example, that you add a limit line in the Template, which is defined for the RMS detector.


However, if your Overview Measurement is done with an other detector, e.g. Max Peak, the acceptance analysis will have no effect in the Data Reduction.


Nevertheless, Limit line is visible in your Graphic, if you have defined the detector from Limit Line for Final measurements (in this example RMS detector)


There are two possible solutions:

You can define Overview Measurement with same detector as used in Limit Line and Final Measurement (in this example use RMS instead of Max Peak).


or you can extend the Limit Line with Overview Detector (in this example Max Peak) with identical level values as for the first detector.