How to operate the ZVL via remote desktop if you need keys that are not present on the ZVL’s front-panel view?


In the case of a remote desktop connection with the ZVL, you don’t get the entire ZVL front-panel view, because some buttons are missing on the screen. What's wrong? How to operate the ZVL when the missing buttons are needed?


Remote desktop works with the ZVL although some buttons are missing on the screen.

The missing buttons are all available on the keyboard of the controlling PC.

Example: Use the numeric keypad (on the right-hand side of your PC’s keyboard, has to be activated by means of the "Num" key) to type in numbers.

For "GHz" please just type "g" on your keyboard, and type "m" for “MHz”. The ZVL’s cursors (up, down, left, right) can also be operated from the PC’s keyboard. For "dBm", simply enter "m", because on the ZVL dBm and MHz are to be found on the same key.

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