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NRP-Z Sensors only responding in VISA, not in Application


Unfortunately I can control my NRP-Z sensor only from the VisaTester but not from my Python IDE when using the same Device Identifier "USB::0x0aad::0x0023::102800::INSTR". What is wrong?


We have to presuppose, that all the necessary drivers and tools (like the VISA passport) are installed on you computer.
You can check this following this FAQ article.

Indeed R&S VISA only shows this Resource String for the sensor when searching over the "FindResource" option.
This ID will also work when directly sending commands from the RsVisaTester as the tester recognizes the passport option and will use it for command translation.
However when you try to access this address from an external application VISA will directly pass through all the commands.

The correct identifier using the passport option has to be