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RTB Driver / Reinstallation fails after deleting the driver in WIN10


Due to some reasons I decided to deinstall and delete the WIN10 USB driver for my R&S RTH.

FAQ-RTB Driver-Reinstallation

I expected the system to automatically reactivate the device after connecting it to the USB port as it worked for the first time.
After the following reboot the RTH can be found, but no driver is allocated.

RTB Driver-Reinstallation

All my attempts to reactivate the device as USB Test and Measurement Device (IVI) failed.
Is there any way to get the device running again?


After deinstallation the original used driver file "ausbtmc.sys" is still available in the folder "C:\Windows\System32\drivers" but is not valid to be used for an installation.
However the driver can easily reactivated when performing these steps:

  • Open the WIN10 device manager
  • Right click your device and choose "Update Driver"
  • Search your computer for driver files
  • Choose "C:\Program Files\IVI Foundation\VISA\IVI USB Staging\b841aa80\Windows" including sub folders:

Confirm this step and the RTH will appear in the device manager after the installation process has run.