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RTH – export of the history to file with remote commands


The export of the history to file with remote commands works different as with RTE/RTO/RTP. How can this be done with the Scope Rider RTH?


The history function works only in RUN continuous mode. There is no possibility to set a fixed number of acquisitions, start them and afterwards the RTH stops. You can start with “RUN”, wait some time, then stop the RTH. For every segment (= acquisition) an extra CSV file is created. It is not possible to export the complete history into one file. All CSV files are stored into one zip file. Here is an SCPI example:

CHAN1:HIST ON Activate the history function
RUN Start the acquistion
STOP Stop the acquistion
ACQ:AVA? Query of the number of acquistions which are available
CHAN1:HIST:STAR -5 Range of the history to be exported*
CHAN1:HIST:STOP 0 Range of the history to be exported*
EXP:WAV:DLOG ON History export function is switched on
EXP:WAV:NAME '/media/USB1/wolf.zip' Define path and file name of the export file
EXP:WAV:SAVE Start of export to file
*OPC? Wait until the export has been finished

* The last acquisition is numbered with 0. Older acquisitions are numbered with negative numbers. In the example we have 6 acquisitions – the first (=oldest) acquisition is number -5.

The file is written to an USB stick, connected to the RTH. It is just one zip file. If you open it, you will find 6 CSV files.

Very important:
Do not forget to use the “Eject” function in the menu before the USB stick is removed. For that go into the menu to “FILE” then select “Eject USB-Drive”. Otherwise you will not find the file on your USB stick.