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Scope Rider answers to a IP address which has not been entered


I am using a static LAN connection. The IP address which has been entered is But the scope rider does not answer at that address. I have found it at What is wrong here?


IP addresses can be entered in binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal representation. A leading (i.e. at the first place or directly after one of the three dots) "0" leads to octal interpretation of the following digits until the next dot (or, after the third dot, until the end of the address).

Hence, in case of IP addresses "074" is not equal to "74". "074" will be interpreted as [74]octal = [60]decimal (as 7*8+4=56+4=60). "74" will be interpreted as [74]decimal. So the IP settings works according to specification of the Internet Protocol.

Please change the entry to (remove the "leading 0"). Then the scope rider will answer at that address.