ZVL with ZVL-K1 instead of FSL in Remote Control mode


How can a ZVL with ZVL-K1 option be used instead of an FSL in Remote Control mode so

that a control program such as EMC32 will not recognize this?


At the start of a program the Remote Control program checks all activated instruments for their status.

This check is started by the *IDN? query.

If instead of an FSL a ZVL with the ZVL-K1 spectrum analyzer function is used in the system, the response to the *IDN? query would cause an error message and the abortion

of the program.

How can the response:


be changed to the response of a ZVL with ZVL-K1:

"Rohde&Schwarz,FSL–6,1300.2502K06,100005,1.80" ?

The ID string can be configured in the System Config dialog or via SETUP –

General Setup – GPIB – More – ID String User

Define your own *IDN? response in the editor dialog box.

Thank you.

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