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Language: EN
Trainer: Yvonne Weitsch, Rohde & Schwarz

Webinar: Active multi-beam antennas

Satellite testing

Webinar: Active multi-beam antennas

Testing the drivers for advanced satellite concepts

Current trends in the satellite industry are high-throughput satellites and mega-constellations. The enabling technology in both trends are phased array antennas (PAA). This webinar examines the fundamentals of PAA, upcoming test challenges and how key antenna test parameters for active antennas need to be revised. In the second part, the webinar investigates how the test solutions by Rohde & Schwarz answer these challenges and how they guide and support you through the different development stages up to antennas in the field as part of terminals.

Attendees of the webinar will learn about:

  • Current topics: HTS and mega-constellations
  • Phased array antennas
  • Key antenna test parameters
  • Different production stages and upcoming test challenges
  • Antenna test solutions by Rohde & Schwarz