Cellular network analysis

Cellular network analysis solutions investigate commercial mobile radio networks over the air interface, determine spectrum and channel use, detect and locate mobile radio cells, evaluate radio frequency coverage and detect illegal transmitters.

Cellular network analysis products

  • R&S®NESTOR Cellular network analysis software

    Cell data acquisition in mobile networks for public authority tasks

    • Automatic Channel Detection (ACD)
    • Cell Position Estimation (CPE)
    • Coverage Measurement (COV)
    • Misconfigured Cells Detection (BSA)
    • Autonomous Measurements (SCN)
    • Alibi Verification (ALI)
    • Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)
  • R&S®TSMx Drive and walk test scanner

    Drive and walk test scanner

    • Different multiband and multitechnology scanners
    • Ideal for verifying the coverage of all the networks at once
  • QualiPoc Android

    Smartphone-based product for optimizing mobile networks

    • Runs on the latest Android smartphones from a wide variety of manufacturers
    • Sophisticated test functions for voice, data, video, and messaging tests to capture the real end user experience
    • 20 MHz to 6 GHz (direction finding)
    • 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz (monitoring)
  • R&S®MobileLocator

    Advanced interference hunting and emitter location

    • Fast, easy installation in commercial vehicles
    • Optimized for interference hunting in urban areas (multipath propagation)
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