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  • Starting Successfully with the R&S®EX-IQ-Box

    The R&S EX-IQ-Box serves as a digital baseband interface between a device under test (DUT) and Rohde & Schwarz generators, analyzers and radio communication testers. The DigIConf software supplied with the device controls up to four R&S EX-IQ-Boxes in a test setup and can thus output IQ data for feeding into a DUT while simultaneously receiving IQ output from a DUT.To work together smoothly, the DUT, the R&S EX-IQ-Box and the R&S test instruments have to be configured properly. The purpose of Application Note 1MA168 is to introduce the right 'initial steps' required to get started successfully.

  • R&S®EX-IQ-Box Digital Signal Interface Module - Product Brochure

    English (PD 5213.9511.12)

  • R&S®EX-IQ-Box Digital Signal Interface Module (model .K04) - Specifications

    This document provides the technical specifications of the R&S®EX-IQ-Box digital signal interface module (model .K04).

  • R&S®EX-IQ-BOX 1409.5505K04 Digital Interface Module & R&S®DigIConf Configuration Software Operating Manual

    Describes all instrument functions and remote control commands, as well as measurement and programming examples.The online version is meant for immediate display (no download required).

  • IQWizard - IQ Signal Measurement and Conversion

    IQWizard is a tool for loading IQ signal files in various formats and measuring IQ signals with a FSx spectrum analyzer or ESx Receiver. The obtained IQ data in memory can be stored in various formats or be transmitted to an R&S® vector signal generator with WinIQSIM™ or WinIQSIM2™.

  • R&S®CMW500 Digital IQ with CADENCE Emulator

    This application note explains how to bring a CADENCE system which is attached to an R&S EX-IQ-BOX into service for the first time. The first part of the document shows how to setup an LTE Demo without using a UE design. This setup uses the R&S CMW500 as the downlink transmitter. The emulator receives the downlink via an R&S EX-IQBOX and passes it to an R&S spectrum analyzer (R&S FSx) via a second R&S EXIQ-BOX. The second part describes the real wiring using up- and downlink. This will only work if a UE design is available on the emulator.

  • Using the Digital Baseband Interface R&S®EX-IQBox with R&S®Signal Analyzers and Agilent® ADS® Software

    Your measurement task: To analyze an RF module via its digital interface. This Application Note explains how. As interfaces between the baseband and the RF modules of mobile radio base stations and terminals are increasingly digital, instruments for testing such modules need digital baseband interfaces as well. The R&S®EX-IQ-Box is a digital interface adapter that provides digital baseband I/O for Rohde & Schwarz signal generators and signal analyzers. An R&S signal analyzer with digital baseband interface R&S®FSQ-B17 can analyze digital baseband components input from the R&S®EX-IQ-Box. Data collected with a test-setup consisting of an R&S signal analyzer and the digital interface adapter R&S®EX-IQ-Box can be used in an Agilent ADS environment. For details of how to input the results to ADS, see Application Note 1MA72: 'Using R&S® Instruments within Agilent®ADS®Software'

  • LTE Beamforming Measurements

    Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) technology is an integral part of 3GPP E-UTRA long term evolution (LTE). As part of MIMO, beamforming is also used in LTE. This application note provides a brief summary of the transmission modes (TM) in LTE and describes the beamforming measurements for base stations (BS) and user equipment (UE). The T&M options using various Rohde & Schwarz instruments are also presented.

  • Testing FPGA-Based Hardware Emulators with Slow I/Q Signals

    During the design process of chipsets or modules, FPGA-based hardware emulators are utilized to perform early tests with real test and measurement instruments. These hardware emulators usually run at artificially reduced speed, but apart from that function like the finished design.In this application note we explain how to test FPGA-based hardware emulators using Rohde & Schwarz vector signal generators for creating suitable real-time test signals at reduced sample rates. We further explain how to correctly adapt AWGN signal generation and fading simulation for “slow I/Q”.

  • CPRI RE Testing

    More and more mobile radio networks implement remote radio equipment (RE) that is connected to the base station main unit via a digital interface using standardized transmission protocols such as CPRI. For testing RE devices Rohde & Schwarz offers a complete test solution based on the R&S®EX-IQ-BOX [Model K04]. This key component is a configurable digital interface module that is used to connect Rohde & Schwarz test equipment to a RE under test using CPRI data transmission.This application note explains in detail the instrument setup and configuration needed to successfully test your remote radio head.

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