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  • Rohde & Schwarz presents an easy-to-use EMI test software

    The R&S ELEKTRA EMI test software has been designed for easy and intuitive EMI measurements with EMI test receivers and spectrum analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz.Munich | 28-Mar-2017 | Test & measurementManufacturers of electrical and electronic modules, components, devices and systems must perform electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests to ensure that their products will not interfere with other components

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  • Rohde & Schwarz significantly increases functionality of R&S ELEKTRA EMC test software

    The modern GUI of the R&S ELEKTRA EMC test software is optimized for touch operation on handheld devices.Munich | 24-Oct-2018 | Test & measurementEMC market leader Rohde & Schwarz introduces additional options for the existing R&S ELEKTRA EMC test software family to cover even more applications.Thanks to the extensive automated execution of EMI tests, R&S ELEKTRA helps lab operators and EMC engineers

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  • ILA Berlin 2018: Rohde & Schwarz presents next generation software defined airborne radios

    The R&S SDAR software defined airborne radio offers secure, high data rate communications.Munich | 19-Apr-2018 | Secure CommunicationsThe R&S SDAR from Rohde & Schwarz takes the latest generation software defined radios (SDR) and network enabled waveforms to the skies. It combines the advantages of a high data rate, IP-based radio with the excellent technical performance customers have come to expect

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  • Rohde & Schwarz equips the German Federal Armed Forces with state-of-the-art software defined radio systems

    Representatives of BAAINBw and Rohde & Schwarz at the contract signing.Munich | 11-Jul-2017 | Secure CommunicationsFollowing many years of joint development, the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has signed a contract with Rohde & Schwarz for the procurement of the SVFuA. SVFuA operates on the principle of the software defined radio (SDR

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  • Rohde & Schwarz introduces the industry’s first analysis firmware for 5G New Radio based on the R&S FSW

    First analysis firmware for 5G New Radio based on the R&S FSWMunich | 06-Feb-2018 | Test & measurementRohde & Schwarz has announced the test and measurement industry’s first firmware option for 5G New Radio (NR) downlink signal analysis. The firmware option for the R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer enables verification of signals for base stations, as well as component testing of 5G power amplifiers

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  • T&M instruments for use anywhere

    T&M instruments for use anywhereSome measurements require using battery-powered mobile devices. Two new models demonstrate what the handheld class can do today.German (PDF, 6 MB) English (PDF, 6 MB) French (PDF, 6 MB) Spanish (PDF, 6 MB) WirelessChannel sounding – in search of frequencies for wireless communications of the futureTesting IP-based wireless voice servicesBig data and the Internet of

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  • Security through technology

    Security through technologyA new body scanner ensures greater airport security without compromising passenger convenience.English (PDF, 7 MB) French (PDF, 6 MB) German (PDF, 7 MB) Spanish (PDF, 6 MB) WirelessR&S®SMW200A vector signal generator: testing WLAN 802.11ad up to First over-the-air power measurement solution for 5G and wireless gigabit componentsTest systems for V2X communicationsRF and audio

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  • Performance

    PerformanceChallenging applications require top-class T&M instruments. New models combine excellent specifications with a rich feature set and extraordinary ease of operation.English (PDF, 13 MB) German (PDF, 13 MB) French (PDF, 13 MB) Spanish (PDF, 13 MB) WirelessMIMO measurements on WLAN radio componentsPerformance tests on base stationsSignaling tests on WLAN 802.11ax devicesMeasurement based

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  • Network analysis at your fingertips

    Network analysis at your fingertipsMore efficiency, less stress – the new R&S®ZNB and R&S®ZNC network analyzers deliver what users want. High measurement speed combined with excellent measurement accuracy – characteristics that set them apart from conventional network analyzers – ensure the highest possible efficiency in development and production for customers in the communications and electronic

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  • Rohde & Schwarz at DSEI: Information Superiority, Situational Awareness and Spectrum Dominance

    At DSEi, Rohde & Schwarz showcases SIGINT/EW systems, ICS for shipborne applications, networking radios for land based and airborne applications, encryption devices and T&M solutions for radar, alongside counter-UAS systems. (Image: Rohde & Schwarz)London | 04-Sep-2019 | DefenseAt this year’s DSEI, taking place in London, Great Britain from 10 to 13 September 2019, Rohde & Schwarz will push information

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