Cybersecurity solution for PCI DSS compliance

How to protect your business while securing your customers’ payment data

Payment card data is very sensitive. Theft must to be avoided at all costs as it not only leads to enormous financial losses but to long-term damage to the corporate image. Data security dovetails information security and is therefore essential for payment card providers and merchants.

To secure credit card transactions, reduce fraud and identify security issues, payment card standard was created by an independent group of major international payment card providers like American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard and Visa.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) created the first Data Security Standard (DSS) in 2004. Its compliance is mandatory to each enterprise that processes, stores and transmits cardholder and transactional information. Being compliant is crucial for enterprises processing payment card data and more generally for enterprises aiming to maintain a very high level of security of their web applications.

Your challenges

Software is most often vulnerable in one way or another and web applications are no exception. Web applications are often related to many parts of the corporate information system. On the contrary, several factors tend to make them more vulnerable. They are often developed with short timelines, by very heterogeneous teams not always aware of some basic security coding principles, and tend to be very complex. They integrate many components, often from third-parties, and interact with several internal servers and databases.

The number of attacks targeted towards web applications with components that have not been updated or misconfigured are increasing. Applications have become more interactive and an attacker can use many tricks to submit specifically crafted data in various places to access sensitive information.

Benefits of our solutions

Web application firewalls are the number one option for those seeking compliance with requirement 6.6 of the PCI DSS. R&S®Web Application Firewall was originally developed to meet the stringent security specifications of the banking sector, acting as a highly secure and high-performance frontend to critical online banking applications. R&S®Web Application Firewall filters and accelerates all web transactions to the application, be they internet, extranet or intranet, including the data flow within SSL. It is making use of essential protection mechanisms to safeguard applications and data.

The PCI DSS specifies twelve requirements for compliance, grouped by six logically related controlled objectives. By addressing eleven out of twelve PCI high-level requirements, R&S®Web Application Firewall offers a broad coverage across the whole industry.

R&S®Web Application Firewall offers an easy, fast and cost-effective way to be certified, in comparison to planning dedicated and frequent security audits that are time-consuming and uneconomical.

Cyber defenses of enterprises do not only consist of achieving but of maintaining PCI DSS-compliance to stay primed against attacks aimed at stealing cardholder data.

For more information download our White paper - PCI DSS compliance with R&S®Web Application Firewall.

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